Meet the Characters: Severus (The Hunt)

MTC_ SeverusMeet Severus, an incubus escort and the hero of my upcoming paranormal romance series, The Hunt. In the grand demon hierarchy, incubi rate down toward the bottom, the way bottom, as their strength is dependent on human contact. A native Hell-born demon, Severus spent centuries enduring the cruelty of his own kind before finally making the move to the human city of Farrow’s Hollow a permanent one.

Rather than repeating the mistakes of historical incubi, Severus decided to work as an escort to get his fix. He sees clients three to five nights a week, and has for decades, taking just what he needs to survive. In his entire existence topside, he has yet to kill a client—which, for a demon, is saying something.

He lives with a demon-human hybrid named Alaric Crowley, the son of Verrier, a former prince of Hell who is spending his retirement years on Earth. Verrier dotes on his son, and Severus reaps the benefits too. While he enjoys the fancy house and high-tech gadgets and dozens of flashy cars all at his disposal courtesy of his roommate, Severus likes the security the most. No one can touch him if he’s a friend of Alaric’s, given the entire demon community fears the wrath of Verrier.

Severus genuinely likes Alaric, however, and while neither would ever admit it, the pair aren’t just roommates, but best friends. In fact, Alaric is his only friend, as the scorn from fellow demon didn’t lessen much after the move to Earth. He’s still an incubus, still a leech, and he’s reminded of it daily.

The hatred could have turned his hard and cruel, but, embarrassingly enough, Severus is a caregiver at heart. His clients have been on the receiving end of his generosity for years, whether he can acknowledge it or not. Charming, polite, and able to swallow his pride, Severus has been a model demon citizen on Earth. Adaptable and observant, he steers clear of the demon mob families and flies under the radar for the most part.

Still, like most demons, he delights in public displays of cruelty, and his somewhat benevolent attitude towards humans stems from the fact that he needs them to survive. He isn’t above using morally questionable tactics to get what he wants.

He is a fan of vintage whiskey and violent video games. He keeps his inner beast dormant most of the time, and is one of the few demons to seamlessly integrate into human society. As a lust demon who also escorts, sex is on his mind… a lot.

One drunken night, he took a Hogwarts Sorting Hat quiz; unsurprisingly, he’d make the perfect Slytherin.

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