Creature Feature: Vampires (The Hunt)

Welcome to the second installment of Creature Feature! Enjoy a little behind-the-scenes content and learn more about bloodsuckers in the fictional universe of The Hunt.

Creature Feature Vampires

Like demons, vampires are a humanoid native species of Hell. They are currently treated as second-class citizens, however, because of their lesser strength in comparison to standard demons. They sit toward the bottom of the food chain, and their clans tend to live separate from demon communities. Similar to incubi, they must feed from humans in order to be at peak ability, and many prefer Earth to Hell for the simple fact that food acquisition is easier. Human, fae, and elf blood prices are greatly inflated in Hell—according to vampires, anyway.

There are two types of vampires: Hell-born demonic vampires and sired vampires. Demonic vampires adopt the same black eyes as their demon counterparts in Hell, and can withstand the sun on Earth in a better capacity than their sired kin. In addition, demonic vampires are born, not made—though there is some debate over the terminology, as sired vampires claim they are reborn by their master’s bite.

Sired vampires are humans who have been turned by a demonic vampire’s bite. They rely on human blood to survive and burn in the sunlight. They cannot give birth to children, but they can sire new vampires. While they are superior to ordinary humans in terms of physical strength and speed, they are far outranked by demonic vampires and standard demons. Sired vampires can be commanded by their masters, and face great physical agony should they ignore a master’s wishes.

Known vampires in The Hunt include Thompson (#2) and Kingsley (#3-4). Vampires will feature heavily in The Uprising, a 2019 companion novel to the series.

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