Meet the Characters: Ella Thomas (The Uprising)

MTC_ EllaMeet Ella Thomas, a side character in The Hunt, and the heroine of her very own novel, The Uprising. Ella is a twenty-four year old student with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Psychology, plus a master’s degree in English. She is currently enrolled in teacher’s college, and has grand plans of becoming a high school English teacher. Ella made her debut as angel hybrid Moira Aurelia’s bff in The Hunt, and has since cannonballed into the supernatural world with her eyes wide open, taking all the weirdness in stride while still keeping her sense of humor.

Ella is the second youngest of five. Her parents were both intensely career-driven while she was growing up, and therefore largely absent from her life. She and her siblings usually had to fend for themselves, which made her home life rather Lord of the Flies. She has a somewhat distant relationship with her three older brothers, while she and her sister were close as children but grew apart in their teens. To avoid the stress, she spent her final two years of high school living with Moira and her mom, two women she considers family in every sense of the word.

Despite a somewhat rocky upbringing, Ella has never been one to lack confidence in herself. An outspoken extrovert, she fills her time with clubs, sports, and all manner of after-school activities. From the time she could legally work and earn her own money, she did, though she took a break to live on savings and student loans during her university years.

Her friends consider her warm and empathetic, but also stubborn, impatient, and a touch on the impulsive side. She’s a lover of nineties R&B, is deeply passionate about food, and has more Harry Potter paraphernalia hidden away in her closet than she’ll ever admit.

Men come and go. Romantic relationships fizzle. Sisterhood is forever. Ella is loyal to the people she most cares about, and will go to Hell and back — a saying she now realizes could be taken literally — to see them safe and happy.

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Places: The Hunt

Places_ Farrow's Hollow

Continuing with my behind-the-scenes blog series, which so far has consisted of some Creature Features, we now take a quick look into PLACES. I always think the vibe of a city, especially the place where your characters spend a lot of their time, should reflect the vibe of the book itself. THE HUNT primarily takes place in Farrow’s Hollow, a mid-sized  city that has the unfortunate luck of being located near a hell-gate.

Because of its proximity to a doorway to Hell, Farrow’s Hollow is positively teeming with demons. However, humanity as a whole is unaware of the supernatural, which forces demons, vampires, witches, fae, elves, and the like to integrate. If you make waves, if you threaten humanity, the angels working at Seraphim Securities will take you out.

That being said, demon mob families run nearly all the city’s crime, and the gritty underbelly consists of drug, sex, and weapons trade that, for the most part, happen without the public’s knowledge. Key human officials are paid off so that the supernatural community can operate without police interference.

Farrow’s Hollow has a smallish university — FHU for life! — and a bustling downtown core consisting of retail shops, restaurants, and mid-rise corporate buildings. Demon-run establishments do especially well, as humanity feels an inexplicable draw toward them. Its architecture is primarily Gothic-inspired, best exemplified by the buildings on the university campus. While surrounded by forestry, the city itself is lacking in green space, though the municipal government is trying to fix that.

Known Farrow’s Hollow locations in THE HUNT include the university campus, Seraphim Securities, The Inferno, and Alaric Crowley’s invisible downtown home.