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Freebie Alert: Last Day to get FINN for FREE!

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With COLE (All In, #2) coming out tomorrow, I just wanted to remind you that I’m running a super exciting freebie promo all weekend on the first book in the trilogy. If you dig sugar daddies, billionaires, and sexy one-night stands that end in a jumble of caught feelings, then the ALL IN trilogy is for you!

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Freebie Alert: Finn (All In, #1)

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Just in time for COLE (All In, #2) to go live on Monday, FINN will be free all weekend! Looking for a sexy read with a dose of feels and angst? Want something you can read in a single sitting? FINN checks both boxes!


99c Preorder: Cole (All In, #2)

Pssssssssst. This price changes as soon as COLE goes live on October 2nd, so don’t miss out on your discount!

All In - High Resolution - Book 2Skye Summers: Gainfully employed university grad, cat servant, leftover sushi connoisseur… 

Sugar baby falling hard and fast for two men.

Still reeling from her steamy encounter with Finn, Skye has a tidal wave of feelings to decode when the snarky billionaire shows up on her doorstep with a bouquet of chocolate roses. Oh, and a declaration that if she and Cole aren’t a real couple outside of their sugar daddy contract, then Finn is coming after her heart—hard.

And, honestly, Skye doesn’t hate his enthusiasm. In fact, she finds Finn and his wit rather charming.

Her suppressed feelings for sugar daddy Cole, however, refuse to quit. Even if they left things a little awkward after Finn’s party, four years of blossoming love aren’t easy to forget.

But when Cole waltzes into her usual Wednesday evening yoga class, looking gorgeous as ever, Skye finally learns that her feelings might not be so one-sided…

The All In Trilogy is a feel-good erotic romance between three individuals, and is not a love triangle. It contains graphic content and is only appropriate for mature readers. There are no trigger warnings associated with the trilogy, and readers will find a happy ending waiting for them at the end of a long, twisting road.

The All In trilogy is told over three novellas, which should be read in order.
FINN (#1)
COLE (#2)
SKYE (#3)