Cover Reveal: Court of the Phantom Queen




For centuries, the House of Zeus has reigned over some of the world’s largest, most powerful civilizations. First with the Greeks, next with the Romans and their conquered foes. Fueled by their worship, the old Hellenic gods remained unchallenged and supreme for centuries. Now, in the fourth century of the new world order, goddess Athena has discovered a growing enemy: the fanatical Cult of One.

As sanctions arise for pagan worshipers across the Roman empire, Athena decides to unite all the godly pantheons of the human world. Her vision: a council of rational, reasonable representatives from each house to come together and combat their common enemy.

But with arrogant gods and goddesses, both in her house and beyond, that’s easier said than done.

Athena refuses to be beaten, however, and vows to bring her vision to life. The first step is to visit each house and plead her case. With a motley crew of world-wise companions, she begins in the western isles, where she stumbles upon a god who once set her heart aflame in the court of Dagda and his mistress Morrigan, the Phantom Queen.

Unfortunately for Athena, not all gods are interested in playing nice with others.

Or fair.

Court of the Phantom Queen is a fantasy romance novella. It is both a standalone and a part of the overall story of the Lovers and Liars: Immortal Wars series.


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Cover Reveal: The King

Ugh YOU GUYS. I’m so excited to share the cover for The King with you today, one month from its pub date.

I’m both excited and nervous for readers to get their hands on the book. This is, technically, my first full-length piece that isn’t inspired by characters who already exist (aka Loki and Aphrodite, my precious myth bbs from Lovers and Liars). You got a taste of Delia and Claude in The Fool, but there’s a whole lot more to them in The King.

Anyway. Just standard author excitement and insecurities. Let’s get to the good stuff.

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Lovers and Liars: New Covers!

I’m in the process of trying to make my cover collection for the Lovers and Liars serial a little more uniform so, you know, they actually look like they all belong together. While I have plans to have them professionally designed, with a little help from Canva I’ve been able to make some temporary new covers to carry me over until I can afford such an expensive undertaking.

As I mentioned in the third Lovers and Liars book, I’m also redoing the titles for each book to eliminate the supernatural creature Loki and Aphrodite face. I think it just gives a little too much away.

So, feast your eyes on the newest (temporary) covers! I’ll be going through all my Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads etc. pages to make sure everybody matches. THEN it’s on to editing the books to make sure all the covers align. BUT. I’m really happy with them. They don’t scream SEX like the serial does, but hey. I like ’em.

Note: I will also be pulling Maenad‘s paperback, BUT it will reappear as a combined version of books 1 & 2, because it’s too itty bitty right now to sell as a paperback.

The King is now on Goodreads!

Just a quick FYI to all my reader babes out there: The King is now available for you to add to your Goodreads TBR! If all goes well and nothing horrific goes wrong, it will be available for purchase November 21st.

And as I mentioned, I’m hosting a cover reveal October 21st. If anyone needs blog content for that day, I’m happy to oblige!