#currentlyreading: Soft Limits by Brianna Hale

This book features a heroine who adores villains and wrote fanfiction about them back in the day. … Is Ms. Hale writing about me? Because it feels like she’s writing about me.


35102698Frederic d’Estang: performer, professional villain and my youthful crush. 

Graduate student Evie Bell spends her days ghostwriting memoirs and her nights playing out her most intimate sexual fantasies by penning fan fiction. When a famous stage actor bursts into her life, she’s drawn to his dark, sensual presence, despite herself.

He calls me chérie, ma princesse, minette.

In Paris, Frederic takes Evie firmly in hand, leading her down a sensual path neither of them could have imagined, and pushing them both dangerously near their limits.

I call him Daddy.

Evie is wary—fearing Frederic is a villain both onstage and off—but again and again, Frederic draws her in. Yet the closer they become, the more Frederic holds back, wanting to protect Evie from his despicable truth. He isn’t the man she believes him to be, and his secret may very well destroy them.


#currentlyreading: Tales of the Odalisque by Josie Litton


Looooooooooving it. I also think it’s currently available for 99c on Amazon!

36392217Welcome to the Odalisque, the world’s most exclusive club intime. Kindly leave your inhibitions at the door (clothing is optional). If this is your first visit, a few words of explanation may be in order. The tall, lithely muscular and all-around stunningly handsome man lounging at the bar is the club’s founder and owner, Lucius Belmont. “Luscious Lucius” some call him. Others are more inclined to mutter about his resemblance to Lucifer. A word to the wise, enjoy your visit but do nothing to vex him. Especially not now.

Lucius is pre-occupied with a problem unlike any he has encountered before. That rarest of creatures–a virgin–has wandered into his circle of debauchery. Natalia Bollinger is everything she should not be–exquisitely beautiful, unbearably arousing, and uncannily able to penetrate all his hard-won defenses. But Natalia is guarding secrets of her own that will pit her against Lucius in an epic showdown of vice versus virtue. Before your visit is over, limits will be tested, lines will be crossed, and all the rules will be broken. Take a seat. The show is about to begin!

Although inspired by my earlier work, “His Lordship’s Downfall”, also available on Amazon, “Tales of the Odalisque” is a standalone novel with no cliffhanger. You need not have read “His Lordship’s Downfall” to enjoy this story but of course, I hope that you will do so. Please be aware that while this story is M/F, monogamous and HEA, it contains intimate scenes that some may find disturbing. Read at your own discretion.

#currentlyreading: Beauty’s Beasts by L.C. Hibbett

36200573Urban Fantasy. Paranormal Fairy Tale. Reverse Harem Romance.

Beauty is a beast.

Izzy doesn’t suffer fools and she doesn’t take prisoners, so when one of the local mobs takes her father captive, she’ll stop at nothing to free him. Even if that means taking on the mysterious men of Blackwood Forest herself.

But when Izzy enters the lair of the beasts, she discovers saving her father isn’t as simple as it seemed, and saving herself from Alexander Blackwood and his pack is going to be even harder…

The Poison Court Saga is a collection of standalone fairy tale retellings with a paranormal reverse harem twist and a HEA. The novels are set in the Wicked Witch universe, so although each Poison Courts novel is a standalone story you might get to catch up with your favorite (or most hated) characters in the Wicked Witch series! 

These stories are intended for a NA (new adult) and adult audience and are not YA or super-clean reads. The heroines are not shrinking violets or delicate flowers. There will be a touch of steam, a smattering of salty language, a heap of fast-paced action, and more hot males than the fairy godmother could handle. If you’re looking for a Young Adult read, you might enjoy the Demon-Born Trilogy or L.C. Hibbett’s upcoming Cursed Saga.

Recommended reading age: 18+

Currently Reading: Chosen by Josie Litton


My name is Grace Delaney. I was born into this country’s most admired political family. When I was sixteen, the media dubbed me “America’s Princess”. I hate being called that, all the mor27847477.jpge so since I discovered the terrifying secret hidden behind my family’s glittering public image.
A few months ago, I graduated from college determined to make a life of my own. But now, suddenly, Adam Falzon is in it. The head of an old-world family with a reputation for ruthlessness, he looks like a fallen angel. As attracted as I am to him, I’ve come to suspect that Adam is hiding secrets of his own more deadly and dangerous than I ever want to know. I don’t dare give into my feelings for him.

But I may not have a choice. With every beat of my heart, he is drawing me further into a web of dark desire. My chances of escaping are slipping away. Worse yet, I’m no longer sure that I want to.

CHOSEN is a story of dark romance. It contains scenes of coercion, both emotional and physical, and should not be read by anyone who could find that distressing.


Currently Reading: Undraland by Mary E. Twomey

…  Lucy’s dreams of medical school are dashed when a rabid bear attacks her in the middle of suburbia. When Jens, a handsome yet irritable stranger, saves her life, Lucy’s gratitude is cut short when he abducts her, taking her to a land filled with people and creatures she remembers from bedtime stories she assumed were just Scandinavian folklore.