It Ends Here: An Anthology

I’m so excited to share that It Ends Here is officially available for purchase! The kindle version is ready, and the paperback is on the way. Can’t wait to order my copy. It’s the direct follow-up to It Begins Here, published last year. Each short story is between 8-12K, and I’m beyond excited to read all the new short stories!

Catch up with Loki, Sigyn, Hephaestus, and Aphrodite in the follow-up short story of ‘Til Death with Do Us Part.


The companion anthology to It Begins Here, with six up-and-coming authors’ continuation stories
With every beginning comes an end–sometimes in the form of losing a cancer battle, the funeral of a spouse, or even the dissolution of relationships between mythological gods and goddesses.
In this companion anthology to It Begins Here, six female up-and-coming authors have joined together once more with their conclusions to the first installment, and their interpretations of what an ending entails. Is it a life being cut short? Healing from a prior trauma? Finding independence for the first time? Maybe. One thing’s for certain, though–an ending’s not an ending without … resolution.

Enjoy companion short stories in an array of genres by:
Ashley R. Carlson                    Amanda Olivier
Marissa Fuller                           Lilly Raines
Liz Meldon                               Amber Thomas