The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: Strength & The Hermit

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VIII.  Strength:   What do you feel your greatest creative strength is?

I’ve always thought my greatest creative strength is my dialogue skillz. I’d like to think I write snappy, witty banter that makes people smile and feel all the feels. To me, there’s nothing more awkward than throwing self-praise around, but fuck it. I’m good at dialogue.

IX.  The Hermit:  Can you write in coffee shops or other busy places, or do you need quiet?

Yikes. Even before my concussion, I needed quiet to write. Sometimes, if I’m in the right headspace, I can swing a writing stint with some music going. I actually do better if I pump myself up with music first, then I can get my write on. Before concussion times, I found I did good editing and whatnot at coffee shops, but even then writing wasn’t a thing there. I need my quiet, ergonomic work environment, please and thanks.