Release Day: It Begins Here & ‘Til Death

'Til Death - Version 2

It Begins Here: An Anthology
It Begins Here: An Anthology

Today is the release day of It Begins Here, a multi-genre anthology that I was fortunate enough to contribute to. It really touched me to have a group of people who expressed an interest in and encouraged me to write something in the Lovers and Liars universe. I had such a great time diving deeper into my little world, because I wouldn’t have thought to do it without the little prompting.

In fact, this experience has encouraged me to expand and explore other stories with different global deities. After the release of the third Lovers and Liars book next year, I’m hoping to put out a novella featuring Artemis and Apollo, but also some Mayan and Celtic gods we don’t always hear about. The novella will be happening in tandem with Loki and Aphrodite’s story, and I’m beyond excited to work on it. I can’t wait to share both installments with you.

You can find It Begins Here on Amazon, and you can download ‘Til Death for free on Smashwords

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