The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The Empress

Haaaaaaaaaaay everyone! Time for another addition to my very slow response to The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire that the fabulous Holly Evans tagged me in. You can find the second response I gave (The High Priestess) here, and the original questionnaire here!

III.  The Empress:  Who is your biggest supporter?  Give them a little love, here.


My little twitter writing circle is probably my biggest support system, outside of my parents and my Man. I log on everyday to see supportive folks loving the same things I do, and I can’t think of a more welcoming place for authors to build their knowledge and hone their craft. If you haven’t created a twitter account yet for your author stuff, DO IT. MAKE FRIENDS. SHARE ADVICE. Twitter has a fabulous author community there to celebrate your triumphs and boost you up in your downward spirals.

New to the scene? Start by lurking through the #amwriting hashtag. Lots of fab folks in there.

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