The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The High Priestess

No, not her.

Hey lovely readers and blog followers and silent lurkers alike! It’s time for another addition to my very slow response to The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire that Holly Evans tagged me in. You can find the second response I gave (The Magician) here, and the original questionnaire here!

II . The High Priestess:  Do any of your characters have very strong beliefs?

I’m going to stick with the Lovers and Liars serial here with this response. I think many of the characters there have strong beliefs. Since I write primarily in the paranormal romance realm, I try to deal with the differences between supernatural entities in a way that mirrors the real world, usually with one species believing they trump all the others for whatever reason. In this serial, deities have supremely strong beliefs — in who they are, in what they can do, and where the rest of the creatures around them fall.

Loki and Aphrodite both have incredibly strong belief systems, even if they fall on different planes. I think as we move through each book, we see their beliefs fracture somewhat because they are influencing one another to embrace change.

The prequels will show them much more set in their ways. Loki went through life after the Immortal Wars still very strongly believing gods > everybody else, and bit by bit, reality was proving him wrong. From his expectations not being met and his belief system rattled, he’s developed a huge chip on his shoulder, particularly when it comes to his own abilities.

Aphrodite, meanwhile, has very strong beliefs in regards to her sense of self. She knows who she is, what she loves, and how she moves through her life. And she makes 0 apologies for that. It takes a long, long time for her to finally start to see the error in her ways, but my girl is much more open to change than a certain trickster we all know and love.

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