The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The Hierophant

IT CONTINUES. Slowly but surely, I’m getting through the questionnaire Holly Evans tagged me in ages ago. This one is about my favourite writing advice. You can find the  original questionnaire here!


V.  The Hierophant:  What do you feel is your most valuable piece of writing advice?

The most valuable piece of writing advice I can give is just to write. I know it sounds simple, but some days it absolutely isn’t. When I first started in the fanfiction community, I remember reading a lot of author notes from big-name writers saying: “Oh, I can’t update because the muse won’t let me!”

Basically they were finding an outside source to blame for not writing, when really they should have just blamed themselves. And you know what? I get it. I get that some days writing feels like pulling teeth, and there’s nothing wrong with taking a day or a week off from a WIP. Sometimes you need a breather. Sometimes you need time to mentally work through the plot before tackling it on the page.

But I think there’s also a time when you just need to put your head down and write. Maybe it won’t be on the project that’s giving you trouble. Maybe it’ll be on one of your for-fun projects. Maybe it’s a writing prompt you found online. Or maybe you can just force yourself to get another paragraph, another page, another sentence down on the WIP that’s giving you trouble.

Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to get back into the swing of things. And sometimes you have to force that nudge. Don’t wait for the muse or you’ll never get anything done. If writing is a hobby, cool. Take all the time you need. If you’re treating it as your career, sorry, but you gotta write, even on days when the muse isn’t “feeling it”.

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