Meet the Characters: Skye Summers (Finn, All In #1)

With less than a month to go before my latest book goes live, I figured it was time to start introducing you all to my latest book babes.

Skye Summers

Meet Skye Summers. Sushi fanatic. Self-professed cat lady. Museum Studies grad. Yoga enthusiast. Hardworking, loyal, and snarky. She’s a blend of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff traits, but when it comes to love, she needs to find her bravery. She became a sugar baby to internet security billionaire Cole Daniels out of necessity in order to pay for university. That was four years ago, and my girl is falling hard for her sugar daddy. Unfortunately, he seems to see her as a best friend and confidant.


For now. *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*

Get your preorder of Skye, Cole, and Finn’s story for 99 cents, and stay tuned for more Meet the Character posts! Next week — our men make an appearance. 


One thought on “Meet the Characters: Skye Summers (Finn, All In #1)

  1. Omg, just logged in to wordpress and remembered that I follow your posts on here 🙂 In case you have no idea who I am (don’t remember which name is on here,) hint: I have read the book already!

    Aaand that’s why I really want to see the book babe bio of Finn. Pls. Pretty Pls.


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