Book Review: His Lordship’s Downfall (Part 2) by Josie Litton

BOOK (36).jpg

A solid four stars to the second and final installment of His Lordship’s Downfall by Josie Litton. Once again, Litton proves why she has shot up my author faves list. Her writing is spectacular. Her smut is exquisite. Her characters are unique, delightful (in both good and bad ways), and well-crafted without their nuances spoon-fed to readers.

We see all of that played out perfectly with the re-introduction of our heroine, Jane — aptly titled Jane of Arc by our favourite lordship. She’s strong, sweet, intelligent, vulnerable… I was so happy to see her featured more prominently in the second half of this story.

There were two reasons Part Two was rated slightly lower than Part One. While I really enjoyed seeing Adrian get his comeuppance (I loooooved all his inner thoughts about how cruel it was, how no one could put up with such hardships! – LOL, zero self awareness, much?), the sexual content wasn’t quite to my liking. We veer more into femdon (by necessity) in the second half of the story, and it’s just not for me. I mean, you like what you like. Reason #2: I didn’t feel like the political plot really went anywhere. Considering it was the whole catalyst for the plot twist, I just didn’t feel all that satisfied with it.

But I absolutely still recommend this two-part tale of dark erotica, with a surprisingly sweet romance, to anyone who can stomach the darkness in the first act and the sweetness in the second.


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