Meet the Characters: Elise (Holiday Hell, Erotic Short Shorts, #2)

Elise2Meet Elise Babcock, heroine of the erotic short Holiday Hell! She’s a typical college grad facing an unstable job market after getting her degree in advertising. Although she completed a prestigious internship in New York, a job offer wasn’t extended afterwards. Rather than go totally broke, she packed up and headed for her hometown to live with her parents for a little while. The only job she could find when she returned, however, was as a sales associate at Bennington’s Department Store.

While her retail job sucks the life out of her, ordinarily Elise is a happy, silly, fun person to be around. She likes camping, so long as there’s electricity, and is a fan of Bailey’s-soaked coffees when the weather gets cold. She isn’t one to shy away from men, but she’s a bit selective in the choosing process. While driven to get her career off the ground, her year at the department store has made her a bit lazy (who wants to pack a lunch when you can just buy McDonald’s?), rundown, and listless. Normally confident, outgoing, a little awkward sometimes, Elise is a social butterfly with clipped wings at Bennington’s—and doesn’t realize it’s only going to get worse once December hits.

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