Meet the Characters: Bliss (Erotic Short Shorts, #3)

Reid MTCMeet Reid Jameson, the resident Dom in my upcoming BDSM-themed erotic short story, Bliss. Reid works as a professional Dom, treating upscale clientele to a personalized experience out of his home.

Reid always had an interest in helping people, and started his career off in the massage therapy field. He initially worked in corporate environments, then shifted to private clinics, before eventually working on his own schedule out of his home. He loved the work, but over time found that he also played the part of therapist during his massage sessions. Keen to help people in all aspects of their life, he searched for ways to expand his reach.

His own sexual interests eventually steered him toward the professional world of BDSM play, and after saving up for a few years, penny pinching and scrimping, he went from massage therapist to professional Dom. He steered his services toward upscale clients, knowing they could manage his fees; in order to give his clients the time and effort he believes they require to decompress and unwind, he needed to charge high.

Reid works seven nights a week. In his spare time, he volunteers with local charities, helps organize food drives, and spends three hours a day at the gym. His profession can be very physical, but also demands a certain level of physical attractiveness that he strives to meet.

On top of all that, he attends lectures at universities regarding sexual health and psychology, and tries to stay current on the academic literature surrounding BDSM. He takes his job very seriously, and has given nearly his entire life over to it. He plans to scale back once he hits forty—or if he finds a partner to devote himself to instead.

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