Book Review: Little Dancer by Brianna Hale

Little DancerLittle Dancer by Brianna Hale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Once again, I’m super thrilled to have found Brianna Hale. She’s been added to my must-read author list, and I’ll definitely give every book she’s got a try.

I docked one star from Little Dancer only because I didn’t find myself enjoying the DD/lg dynamic as much as I did in her other works. I found Abby to be a little too young, a little too helpless in the big bad adult world, and I just didn’t vibe with her because of it. The writing was still great, and the sex scenes were more plentiful and steamier, but Abby was just too much of a little for me. And, really, that comes down to personal preference more than anything. People who really dig the kink will likely enjoy the dynamic!

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Book Review: Christmas at Bramley Cottage by Samantha Rose

Christmas at Bramley Cottage: five heart-warming short storiesChristmas at Bramley Cottage: five heart-warming short stories by Samantha Rose

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a fantastic collection of short stories set at Bramley Cottage. You get a little taste of everything here, and once again Samantha Rose proves that she is an author who can really draw the emotion out of me. I shed several tears across multiple of these stories; the author has a real knack for articulating life’s struggles with nuance and tact. Really well done, and definitely a recommended read around the holidays!