TBR Thursday: Sleepy Hollow by Peter Lerangis

Confession time: I love reading movie novelizations. If I loved the movie, I’m bound to like the book, as I feel it gives you so much more than the movie ever could. And seeing as Halloween is right about the corner, this TBR feels quite apt.

1047845.jpgHEADS WILL ROLL

It is 1799, the eve if a new century. In New York City, young Constable Ichabod Crane is eager to use his latest scientific methods and his powers of deduction to solve the most brutal of crimes. But nothing can prepare him for the shocking murders that take him far from the city’s cobblestones to the eerie town of Sleepy Hollow.

Awaiting him are three beheaded bodies, all apparently victims of a legendary Headless Horseman returned from the grave to exact revenge. With the help of an orphaned child and a beautiful young woman, Ichabod uses reason to confront the horrors of the unexplained.

But the reality of Sleepy Hollow’s waking nightmare is always before him. A reality where witches cast spells in the darkened woods…trees bleed…and a demon rides at night.