The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The High Priestess

No, not her.

Hey lovely readers and blog followers and silent lurkers alike! It’s time for another addition to my very slow response to The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire that Holly Evans tagged me in. You can find the second response I gave (The Magician) here, and the original questionnaire here!

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The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The Fool

So, last week I was tagged by the fabulous Holly Evans (@ShadowChaosFox) on twitter to answer a tarot-based questionnaire, and I’m IN LOVE WITH THE IDEA. As a tarot card reader myself, of course the idea appealed to me. The original has 22 questions, one for each of the Major Arcana, and can be found here, on author Angela D’Onofrio’s blog.

Since I’m only just getting back to reading and writing with my concussed brain, it’ll be easier to answer one question at a time, but I’m eager to start! So, without further ado, we’re off to The Fool!

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