Meet the Characters: Bliss (Erotic Short Shorts, #3)

Reid MTCMeet Reid Jameson, the resident Dom in my upcoming BDSM-themed erotic short story, Bliss. Reid works as a professional Dom, treating upscale clientele to a personalized experience out of his home.

Reid always had an interest in helping people, and started his career off in the massage therapy field. He initially worked in corporate environments, then shifted to private clinics, before eventually working on his own schedule out of his home. He loved the work, but over time found that he also played the part of therapist during his massage sessions. Keen to help people in all aspects of their life, he searched for ways to expand his reach.

His own sexual interests eventually steered him toward the professional world of BDSM play, and after saving up for a few years, penny pinching and scrimping, he went from massage therapist to professional Dom. He steered his services toward upscale clients, knowing they could manage his fees; in order to give his clients the time and effort he believes they require to decompress and unwind, he needed to charge high.

Reid works seven nights a week. In his spare time, he volunteers with local charities, helps organize food drives, and spends three hours a day at the gym. His profession can be very physical, but also demands a certain level of physical attractiveness that he strives to meet.

On top of all that, he attends lectures at universities regarding sexual health and psychology, and tries to stay current on the academic literature surrounding BDSM. He takes his job very seriously, and has given nearly his entire life over to it. He plans to scale back once he hits forty—or if he finds a partner to devote himself to instead.

Meet the Characters: Bliss (Erotic Short Shorts, #3)

Lydia MTCMeet Lydia Warlow, the main character of my upcoming erotic short story Bliss. Lydia is thirty, runs her own department within her marketing firm, and can hang with all the crazy kids in her highly competitive field because she has a weekly ritual: Friday night dates with her Dom.

While she’s a total hard-ass in the workplace, she’s a near perfect submissive in the bedroom. Lydia is career-oriented and totally fine with it. Family, kids, the white picket fence are all out until she conquers the business world, but she’s grateful to have something she can do weekly to get out all the stress. To her, being dominated is like having a great massage. In Lydia’s opinion, it’s why she hasn’t spiraled out like some of her peers.

Meet the Characters: Adrian (Apollo’s Priestess)

Adrian - Character IntroMeet Adrian, the wolf shifter hero of my upcoming paranormal romance Apollo’s Priestess! Born to non-shifter parents in Dacia (modern-day Romania), he was abandoned as a pup after his first accidental shift. Fortunately, he was rescued by Lada, the Slavic goddess of love and beauty, and raised as her own.

Once he became of age, Adrian was put to work by his adoptive mother’s godly house. In his wolf form, he marches between all the religious sites within his territory on a daily basis, ensuring they are well-maintained and that the priests are looking after the common people. That all changes, however, when Lada assigns him a new, special quest: rescue a former priestess of Apollo from her Roman masters, and bring her home.

Adrian is a simple, straightforward sort of fellow. He honors the gods, sees to his duties, and is especially protective of those who have been treated unjustly. A skilled tracker, hunter, and survivalist, he can adapt and thrive in just about any setting, and speaks numerous regional dialects, including Greek and some Latin. He tends to think of others before himself, though he does consider himself, a shifter, better than humans.

After years of living as a lone wolf, Adrian wears a hardened exterior until you are fortunate enough to be considered a friend. Friends, and his fated mate, will see that he is kind, outspoken, and playful.

His shifted form is an enormous black wolf; onlookers sometimes confuse him with a bear. When he isn’t serving the gods, he tends to his garden, his livestock, and his beehives.


Meet the Characters: Lor (Apollo’s Priestess)

Meet Lor, the intrepid heroine from the upcoming Lovers and Liars: Immortal Wars novella Apollo’s Priestess. Lor grew up as the daughter of a village priest. Her entire life revolved around maintaining the temple, tending to the animals, and observing the ancient rites necessary to please her patron god. Unfortunately, once she became the priestess of her village after her father’s death, things went from bad to worse. Lor was kidnapped and illegally sold into slavery by a band of marauders, men taking advantage of the religious strife in ancient Rome and using the dissent as an excuse to rob and plunder what they had hoped was a wealthy pagan temple.

The only real treasure inside, however, was Lor herself.

Before her kidnapping, Lor was naive, sweet, and obedient. After her kidnapping, however, her faith has been pushed the limits. She proves time and time again to be strong-willed, cunning, and intelligent enough to survive two long years at the hands of brutal masters. Her trust in people, in the gods, has been shaken, and it will take a great deal of patience and empathy from her future partner to penetrate her new icy exterior.

As a priestess of Apollo, Lor is extremely adept with a bow — as Apollo is the god of archery — and can construct her own weaponry and arrows. She had a knack for languages, speaking Latin and various Greek dialects fluently before her kidnapping, and after acquiring Dacian, Illyrian, and Thracian. She can also vaguely understand some of the barbarian Gaulish and Germanic languages, but she needs more practice.

More than anything, Lor longs for safety, security, and love again. She wants to feel like a person, not a thing, and awaits the day when her nightmare as an illegal slave will be over.

All she knows is that she no longer prays to the gods — and may never pray again.

Meet the Characters: Jack (Holiday Hell, Erotic Short Shorts, #2)

JackMeet Jack, the sexy divorced dad love interest in Holiday Hell! He has a young daughter named Maya, and all she wants for Christmas is a blue-haired Miss Molly doll. Little does Jack realize, that exact doll is all the rage these days, and despite working in client acquisitions for his company, this is going to be his toughest find yet.

While gorgeous, Jack can be a little socially awkward sometimes, blurting whatever comes to mind without thinking it through. He and his ex-wife get along great, but they realized that they were better as friends than husband and wife. That being said, he wishes he was more confident with women–but the women in his life, especially a certain toy department sales associate, thinks he does just fine. He enjoys quiet nights in, weathering the storm with a whiskey and a gorgeous woman, and will do anything for his daughter. He never went through the playboy phase, nor has he done much dating since the divorce, and isn’t looking forward to the day when some teenage player tries to take his daughter to prom. Protective, nurturing, and fair, he isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right.

Meet the Characters: Elise (Holiday Hell, Erotic Short Shorts, #2)

Elise2Meet Elise Babcock, heroine of the erotic short Holiday Hell! She’s a typical college grad facing an unstable job market after getting her degree in advertising. Although she completed a prestigious internship in New York, a job offer wasn’t extended afterwards. Rather than go totally broke, she packed up and headed for her hometown to live with her parents for a little while. The only job she could find when she returned, however, was as a sales associate at Bennington’s Department Store.

While her retail job sucks the life out of her, ordinarily Elise is a happy, silly, fun person to be around. She likes camping, so long as there’s electricity, and is a fan of Bailey’s-soaked coffees when the weather gets cold. She isn’t one to shy away from men, but she’s a bit selective in the choosing process. While driven to get her career off the ground, her year at the department store has made her a bit lazy (who wants to pack a lunch when you can just buy McDonald’s?), rundown, and listless. Normally confident, outgoing, a little awkward sometimes, Elise is a social butterfly with clipped wings at Bennington’s—and doesn’t realize it’s only going to get worse once December hits.